Gluten Free Flat Bread

Description :

Finally a easy and tasty Gluten free Flatbread cook like a pancake.

Ingredients :

  • Gluten Free Flat Bread
  • Pancakes – 8 to 10
  • For serving
  • Ace Curries’ Flat Bread

Method :

    Steps to make Gluten Free Flat Bread
  1. To make 8 to 10 Pancakes
  2. Take the bag of Ace Curries’ Flat Bread And empty in to a mixing bowl
  3. Add in 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water and mix till a thick batter is prepared.
  4. Add in salt to taste and hold 10 minutes and then mix well again till smooth.
  5. Heat oil in a fry pan.pour in some batter enough to make a pancake & cook till lightly brown
  6. flip over and cook till brown.
  7. Serve with your favourite Ace Curry Recipe. ** THE THICKER THE BATTER THE FLUFFIER THE PANCAKE** Cooking times vary depending on your stove.


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